16 June 2009

The Mandy and Brown spin extravaganza

Will nothing will ever change in the Brown bunker?  It looks like our failed leader is to further enhance the No10 spin operation.  The FT reports:

Gordon Brown is poised to hire the public relations man who helped revive the Queen’s image after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, to try to restore his own battered reputation.

Simon Lewis, a suave spin doctor whose services have been sought by Buckingham Palace, Centrica and Vodafone, is said by colleagues to be on the verge of becoming Mr Brown’s official spokesman.

Wait for it folks:

He is an old acquaintance of Peter Mandelson, business secretary, who is charged with overhauling Mr Brown’s media operation and improving government strategic planning.

There you have it.  An appointment thought up by Mandy is now signed and sealed by the spin master himself.  More evidence that poor old Gordon is now totally and utterly dependent on his Lordship.

Spin rules.  Transparency is out.  Mandy is king.

The fault is with the 350 Labour MPs who failed miserably last week with their cock up of a coup.  They couldn't even succeed with the helping hand of the Guardian and BBC.

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1 comment:

  1. I didn't think it could get any worse Howard but Mandy now has complete control of the UK.