30 June 2009

Spending v cuts line to be dumped

Not a good day in the bunker.  Not only has the UK economy contracted by 2.4% in the first quarter of 2009, the largest for 51 years, and Lloyds made a further 2100 job cuts, but the Cabinet have finally realised the investment versus cuts line is not working.  The message is to be refined.  Gary Gibbon has the surprising news:

The new mantra is supposed to be “more realistic”, with messages like “the next 10 years are NOT going to be like the last 10 years”.

There will be more talk of “targeted investment” not pure “spending”, more focus on “efficiency savings”.

Brown central is in a right pickle.  After yesterday's PR disaster by Mandy, the Cabinet have now concluded that what Brown has shouting about for last few weeks is rubbish.

It seems like Cameron was spot on yesterday when he said to Brown:

Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody in there?

Just remember we all have another nine months of these ever changing falsehoods to put up with.

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