25 June 2009

A major policy announcement

In this age of transparency I have decided on a new policy for this blog.  On the last working day of each month instead of publishing the meaningless Google Analytics statistics, I will reveal my expenses to the nation.  I feel strongly that I do the same as MPs and BBC executives.

At the end of each month you will be able to see how much I have spent on vintage champagne, my costs in entertaining leading celebrities, details of all private jets hired, IT expenditure and what I spend on food.  As a foretaste of what is to come you may like to know that my largest monthly outlay is on replacement Nokia phones.

I have not taken this decision lightly.  However, as the nation has been transfixed by the publication of BBC executives’ expenses, I know I have taken the right decision.

I do appreciate that some readers of this blog will die of boredom when they read the post on my expenses, but I have no choice in the matter.  Public funding of this blog must be maintained so I can carry on broadcasting the Government's message to the nation.

The income from the licence fee also means that this blog does not need to display any advertising.

I trust my readers fully understand that I have no choice but to comply with the Brown’s wishes at this time. 

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