27 June 2009

Not a happy 2nd anniversary morning in the bunker

On the morning that marks the second anniversary of Brown’s rise to the top of the greasy pole, a good supply of mobile phones will be needed by Downing Street:

1. The PM’s plans to embarrass the Tories over the their second jobs are going to backfire as Labour MPs are refusing to part with their outside earnings;

2. The Clerk of the House of Commons has criticised Brown’s bid to clean up the Commons;

3. Master Benn has said the spending cuts are unavoidable; and

4. Brown is going to love this piece from the Indy’s Andrew Grice.  The headline will make his day:

It's your choice: Dodgy Gordon or Honest David

And this puts the icing on the anniversary cake:

In adversity, the Tories suspect they have stumbled over a core theme – honesty. No, Mr Cameron is not going to repeat Mr Blair's mistake of promising to be "whiter than white," which would only invite ridicule in the current climate. But the Tories may be on to something. In the last two sessions of Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Cameron has chided Mr Brown for not being "straight" with the public about Labour's spending plans. That will ring true with many voters.

Luckily for Brown, these nuggets are hard to find this morning, but I am sure the enthusiastic staff in No10 will carry out their duties to perfection and highlight these pieces and then beat a hasty retreat.

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