19 June 2009

Did Brown lie to the Commons when asked about McBride?

Following the story that Damian McBride has been operating again for the Downing Street, Alex Singleton has this:

Before Mr Brown appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on May 31, he discussed his lines with Mr McBride by text message. This surely puts him at the heart of Gordon Brown's inner circle.

Given Mr McBride's nickname - McPoison - isn't it time Mr Brown found a more positive source of spin? And doesn't it make the Prime Minister's attempt to distance himself from Mr McBride and his smear emails look rather hollow?

Singleton has missed a vital point.  At PMQs this week Brown was asked a direct question about McBride and denied that he was still advising No10.

If what is being leaked is true, Brown has some serious questions to answer.

UPDATE: This is what Brown said at PMQs.

Mr. Lee Scott (Ilford, North) (Con): Will the Prime Minister tell the House whether the Government have received any informal briefings from Damian McBride

The Prime Minister: I have not.

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  1. wonderfulforhisageJune 19, 2009 at 6:24 PM

    I have a feeling that Brown said something like "He's no longer working at no. 10" . I certainly remember that it was a somewhat ambiguous answer.