29 June 2009

Will Darling resign?

No further evidence is needed that Mandy now runs the Government.  Following on from the weekend speculation, the real Prime Minster announced on the Today programme that there would be no spending review this side of the election.  Note the slight hesitation when Mandy realised what he had said.

There are a number of issues at stake here apart from Darling’s authority.  One, the Treasury had let it be known that no decision had been taken.  Two, an announcement like this – even for this failing and spinning government -  is usually made to the Commons.  Three, has this announcement only been discussed Brown, Mandy and Balls without Darling’s involvement?  It certainly appears that way.

Darling’s authority and credibility has been destroyed.  He has no choice but to resign.

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  1. But he won't Howard, we all know that.

  2. Maybe not but he should. He has no credibility.