11 June 2009

Will Brown go for an October election?


Once we got passed the obvious from Brown at PMQs after Andrew Lansley dropped a brick, Moses moved on to talk about his wonderful ideas for constitutional and parliamentary reform.  There he was, our Dear Leader, reading out his statement at such high speed I was bowled over by the mans grasp of these complex issues and his rush to resolve all before him.  What has happened to the man who has dithered and delayed on decision after decision over the years?  There was no stopping him.  At one point I thought he was going to walk out the chamber without listening to Cameron’s rather cocky response.  Old Brown wants to prove to everybody that he alone can sort out our unwritten constitution within months.

Then we move on to this morning and The Indy’s lead article, plus other various statements by ‘leading’ economists, that the worst is over, we will all be OK, Brown has done it, the recession has ended, he has saved the world.  Let us all forget that unemployment will rise for months to come, we have no money, taxes will rise and public expenditure programmes will be slashed so severely that pips will do more than squeak.

Then move over to The Guardian.  Tom Watson, Brown’s leading dirty tricks man, who is supposed to be spending more time with his family, is at it again doing The Great Man’s bidding. Yesterday we had the Twitter knockabout, today he has dramatically changed his mind on the voting system.

So where is all this leading?  No doubt Brown will get his reforms, the economy may well pick up before us ordinary folk in the real world face the consequences for years to come.  This is all for another day.  Brown’s only concern at the moment to prove that he has saved the world’s financial systems and modernised our constitution after 12 years of inaction.

Speed is paramount.  Action is the order of the day.  Brown motors on in the hope that people will be grateful over the Summer months and he prays that the polls move.  Say they do and Labour cut the Tory lead.  No prime minister wants to leave an election to the last possible moment.  There are those unknown unknowns.  The awkward by-elections, that do not have to happen for three months.  Another winter to get through.  More rumours and plots.  Another Labour party conference that he would rather do without.

Perhaps Brown, if he sees a window of opportunity in the Autumn, will cut and run and call an election.  Watch the polls.  If they move, short-term thinking Brown with Mandy by his side, may well do what nobody expects, especially if the Tories trip up badly as they did yesterday.

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