26 June 2009

Saving Norwich North

So, Brown is having another one of his ‘save the world’ moments today.  The poor lad will be lucky if he mentioned in despatches if the Today programme was anything to go by this morning.

When he gets back to the bunker I have the feeling more mobile phones will be needed.  There is the little local difficulty of Norwich North and when to call the by-election.  These poll findings will not be welcome:

If there was an election tomorrow 34% of people would vote for the Conservatives, 30% for Labour, 15% for the Liberal Democrats, 14% for the Green Party, and 7% for others.

So, a July by-election there probably will not be.  As I discussed, there is little point anyway if Brown wants to keep the option of an October election open.

One to watch, as if the by-election is to be on 23rd July the writ has to be moved next week.

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