12 June 2009

Mandy slashes public expenditure


Mandy has brought his own unique people management skills to the fore to halt the ever increasing costs of running his own department.  He has decided to upset the ministers that report to him one by one to such an extent they are forced to resign.  The first to receive the Mandy treatment is Lord Carter of Barnes.

The Times is reporting that Lord Carter will leave the Government very soon having been recruited just 18 months ago.  One week after learning that he has to report to Mandy he can take no more.  This shock horror news is puzzling.  It can be revealed that Carter has never met Mandy, who these days spends all his waking hours in Downing Street telling Brown what to to do.  Apparently, Carter did not like the hourly calls from the Brown bunker telling him how to spin news to the media.

This cost cutting is expected to continue.  Yesterday, Mandy had ten ministers reporting to him.  Now it is only nine.  The words of ‘Ten Green Bottles’ were sent to all staff by e-mail last night.

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