20 August 2009

Dave attempts to put the toothpaste back in the tube

After a couple off weeks when the Tories have rather let the political agenda slip from their grasp, Cameron is to make a speech on the NHS today.  Whether the timing is right or he should have waited until the political season kicks off again remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, the Tories have got their strategy wrong during the silly season, which I initially discussed here.  Niall Paterson over at Boulton & Co. has an excellent post along similar lines, where he picks up on David Hughes comments of yesterday.

It is worth adding this.  So long as Cameron is dealing with the internal party problems that have cropped up over the last few weeks, as well as making policy announcements, he should be able to quickly regain the political initiative.  The electorate will start to question Cameron more closely if the party is not united behind him.  Just as important, he will have to come up with a strategy to counter the Mandy-Osborne fight to the finish, which could be a big diversion if his Lordship gets his way.

Of course, all this wouldn't have been necessary if Cameron had thought through the silly season rather more and not taken his eye off the ball.  He has no one to blame but himself.

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  1. Well said Howard. Cameron has missed so many goals in the past months. In fact he's scored a few own goals into the bargain.