27 August 2009

Daniel Hannan is now the story

Guido has the full story about Daniel Hannan’s latest so called outburst:

Guido spoke to Dan to ask him when he gave the interview – about “a month or so” ago was his answer – before the NHS kerfuffle cemented Dan in the affections of Labour’s spin operation.   He said it wasn’t the first time he said that, that he wasn’t going to deny his view in the future and that on immigration he was on the record as taking the Friedmanite free market liberal view rather than the restrictive Powellite stance.

As Guido rightly says, yesterday there wasn't much hard news on the political front and it is a non-story.

The little local difficulty here is not what Hannan says at every given opportunity, but the man.  Labour will just pounce.

Yes, it was slow news day.  Yes, it is still the silly season.  Yes, Hannan is entitled to say what he wants, although it may not be in his best interests to do so.  But, he himself is now the story regardless.

It would be sensible practical politics for Hannan to pipe down a bit in this critical pre-election period for Team Cameron.  After all, he does rather like the sound of his own voice a touch too much.

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