15 August 2009

To Labour’s delight there will be more from the boy Daniel

From Daniel Hannan, the man that likes considerably more than his own voice, there is this morning in his Telegraph blog entitled, ‘The NHS: my final word’.  Except, of course, it isn't his last word as he advertises his availability to the media:

Anyway, if you’re a journalist, I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with this as my last word on the subject until I get back. If you want a dispassionate discussion of healthcare - rather than a “Tory row” story - please get in touch after 25 August. The rest is silence.

The only appointment that Mr Hannan should have on 25th August is one with the men in grey suits.  He should be politely told that the Tories have an election to fight and win and period of prolonged silence is the only option open to this young man.

Not only does Cameron have loose cannon Hannan to deal with but another Tory MEP has broken ranks.  Roger Helmer told the BBC:

Now we all love the NHS, but I think we all know in our hearts that it is no longer the envy of the world. If the Americans came to me and said, 'Would you recommend us taking up a system just like the British NHS?', I think I would have to say 'No'

This is just what Mandy has wanted and these two naive gentlemen – not to mention Alan Duncan - have played right into his hands.  It doesn't take a genius to work out his strategy for the rest of August.  He will tease and bait the Tories at every available opportunity.

Oh, the rest of August will be such fun except if your David Cameron.  How a rested and refreshed Brown must be smiling up in the Lake District.  One can only imagine what thoughts are going though his mind as he lists out those dividing lines he will use in the autumn, if not before.  If it goes on like this Our Dear Leader will have to be restrained from breaking off his holiday to join in.

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  1. I think Hannan is quite right to open a strong debate about the NHS. We all know the money doesn't go into patient care and we all know, for the past 20 years our NHS is worse that the healthcare systems of European countries and nearly as expensive.

  2. I am not taking issue with Hannan's arguments. It is the politics that concerns me. Cameron cannot afford for the Tories to be off meesage at this critial time. He has been forced on the defensive this week. That is not where he should be. He should be attacking Brown and he can't do this is there are weaknesses in his party that Labour will exploit.

  3. I agree with you Howard, but Cameron's not been effective the past months. He seems to have missed so many chances and always seems to be on the back foot.

    I'm surprised Haig hasn't shouted by now, he must see what's happening.

    Cameron could have made a big positive statement from Hannan's words. Such as yes the NHS needs overhauled so as money is going to patients and not managers etc.

  4. I am that sure about Haig, but your other points are well made. Cameron has taken his eye off the ball. See my later post.

  5. Sorry, but I'm tired of carefully managed politics. That gave a decade of New Labour. I want real politics with real policies and real debate. I want more like Hannan, not less.

  6. Although I agree with everything he says, I think with that ill-judged but truthful interview that Hannan has poured a large bucket of cold water onto Cameron's previously dry powder - big mistake.