30 August 2009

Brown’s ‘virgin’ election team is not the issue

This is not a matter that should be concerning Labour party officials.  What they should be concentrating on is how they can narrow the Tory lead rather than having sleepless nights worrying that Gordon Brown does not have a team experienced enough to fight the next election:

Gordon has got his cabinet in place . . . but there is a real worry about how inexperienced his advisers are.  Peter has been telling Gordon that none of his senior advisers has ever really worked on an election campaign. He is concerned that it is not a strong enough team.

Another believes that Brown has “a virgin team” as well as coming to this perceptive conclusion:

It is the first election since before 1997 that will not be fought by a combined Blair/ Brown team . . . Nobody knows how it’s going to work.

Sorry comrade, some of us have worked out how it is going to work.  We are just waiting for Labour MPs to start fighting.

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