25 August 2009

Downing Street prepares for a visitor

It has been a peaceful month in Downing Street, but Monday was a busy day.  The staff, after working tirelessly during August, were putting the finishing touches to the summer cleaning operation.  The Prime Minister's car, little used for many weeks, was taken out for a spin around the Westminster village to ensure it was in perfect working order.  Even the hinges on the famous front door were oiled, as it had been rarely opened since July.

In the afternoon, after all the chores were complete, the staff gathered to receive their instructions for the following day.  The Housekeeper informed the devoted servants that on Tuesday a man would appear for a few hours and cause havoc.  Mobile phones may fly and doors could be slammed.  Who is this man they all wondered, as they had assumed the house was to remain unoccupied until next spring.

The Housekeeper, anticipating that the staff may have forgotten all about him, then handed out pictures of the man that would visit them for a few flitting hours.  There was a stunned silence, broken only by the occasional cry of, “Oh no, not him”.  Trays of stiff drinks were then handed out, so the staff could recover from the shock that was so obviously felt.

For today, Tuesday 25th August, Our Man in Scotland, one James Gordon Brown returns to Downing Street.

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