11 August 2009

Are we in for some bad news?


Don’t you feel more secure now that Mandy is back in the country running the government rather than clocking up a huge mobile phone bill that will have to be paid for from borrowed money?

Sadly, it is going to be rather an anti-climax after Mad Harriet's week looking after her own self-interests.  Mandy has decided not to hog the media spotlight:

Lord Mandelson has turned down requests for broadcast interviews and intends to concentrate on his department’s business. Unless a crisis or controversy erupts that demands his attention, he does not envisage even having to visit Downing Street.

Despite reports that Mandelson would be working in a Cabinet Office room – variously described as tennis or badminton court-sized – his aides said he hoped not to set foot in it. An aide said: "Peter wants to keep a deliberately low profile this week. There will be no headlines and few announcements."

Oh dear.  How we were all look forward to an extended interview on Today and any other media outlet of Mandy's choosing.

Hmmm.  There must be some bad news to be released this week that Mandy would rather not answer for.  Here we have it.  The unemployment figures due out on Wednesday.

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