25 August 2009

The Tuesday outing of the not-serious-about-power element of the Tory party

I do apologise.  I would so wish to post about Chris Grayling’s comments that parts of the UK are like ‘The Wire’, an American TV show.  However, I have never watched the show.  Therefore, I haven't a clue what he going on about and don't understand the comparison he is attempting to make.  No doubt, millions of others will share this view.

I can only assume that he has a part-time job as the UK’s publicist for the programme.  He is has done a good job – the ratings for the show will now dramatically increase.

Team Cameron has become rather a worry.

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  1. Critically acclaimed American crime drama series set in Baltimore, telling the story of inner-city drug culture as seen through the eyes of drug dealers and law enforcement.

    It is like life in some areas of Britain, or quickly becoming that way!

  2. Maybe the real story is the fact that these gaffes have not dented the Tory poll lead. Don't want to encourage them though....

  3. Indeed. That is the real story. However, Team Cameron is rather frayed at the edges.