20 August 2009

Ainsworth’s Ministry of Chaos

If you thought that the BBC topped the league table of bungling organisations, you are wrong.  The lead position goes to the Ministry of Defence:

The National Audit Office (NAO) refused to approve the MoD’s accounts this summer after auditors were unable to find equipment worth £6.6 billion, including about a sixth of the vehicles, weapons and radios used by British troops.

The equipment includes £1.25 billion of machineguns, encrypted radios, night vision goggles and body armour, as well as more than £5 billion of raw materials and spare parts for equipment and vehicles.

With fighting intensifying in Afghanistan, and the death toll rising more steeply than at any other time in the conflict, poor record-keeping could hamper critical decisions being made about resources. The value of missing equipment has almost tripled since last year.

Are the problems likely to be fixed soon?  No.  Are Ainsworth and his henchmen spending all the their waking hours attempting to improve administrative systems at the ministry?  No, they jolly well aren't.

So, what they doing? Smearing General Dannatt, that’s what.

The priority of Ainsworth and Co. is to discredit a man that has spent 40 years of his life in the armed forces, who speaks with the best of motives, rather than support our troops propping up a failed state.

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