12 August 2009

Has Mandy proved that he should never become PM?

So much for Mandy keeping a low profile this week as he had indicated when he retuned to the UK on Monday.  Presumably he knew nothing about the speech that George Osborne would make.  Here are some questions for The Great Man during his week in charge:

1. Does your article in the Guardian do anything to re-engage the great British public in political debate?

2. Does your personality clash with George Osborne mean anything to anyone outside the Westminster village?

3. Do you think your interview on Today this morning gave any comfort to the increasing number of people that are unemployed?  Is the government doing all it can to address an issue that is far more important than your spat with George Osborne?

4. What are your policies to address the 12.6% or about 928,000 of 16-24 year olds that are now unemployed?

5. Are you concerned with the report in The Times this morning saying that Britain faces a surge in drug addiction, alcoholism and domestic violence as the second wave of the recession and rising unemployment take a grip?

6. What is the government doing to address the near farcical situation regarding the shortage of Afghanistan helicopters following reports this morning that there are lack of crews and parking?

7. What is your response to the Bank of England’s quarterly Inflation Report which warns that any recovery in 2010 will be "fragile"?

Perhaps Mandy would wish to consider some answers to these questions.  So far this week he has manifestly demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt why should never be considered to hold the office of Prime Minister.

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