24 August 2009

Megrahi: The family lived in Glasgow

Soho Politics kindly alerted me to a comment made by Subrosa on his blog following a comment of mine.  It states that Megrahi's wife and children have been living in Glasgow:

Didn't you know that Megrahi's wife and children have been living in rather a plush house on the outskirts of Glasgow for the past several years? By all accounts they had more or less open access to Megrahi, especially since his illness was diagnosed.

I still can't discover who paid for it all.

Of course they're now back in Libya.

Subrosa has subsequently commented, bringing my attention to an article in The Herald from last December:

The interview, at the family home in Newton Mearns, near Glasgow, was sanctioned by the Libyan authorities.

Four of their five children, aged between 11 and 25, now live in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, but all have experienced Scottish life and education for some of their formative years.

Now look at Megrahi’s Wiki entry:

A Petition to the Scottish Ministers seeking Megrahi's compassionate release was raised on 19 December 2008. The Petition stated that he was terminally ill and would benefit physically and psychologically from compassionate release to his temporary home in Glasgow while he awaited the outcome of the appeal granted to him by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission in June 2007. Since it was likely to be many months before such an appeal was finally decided, the Petition asked that Megrahi be allowed to spend his very limited remaining time in Scotland with his family and loved ones.

For my sins, I only read the London based media and have not seen this information quoted anywhere over the last few days.

As I have no knowledge of the details behind this, nor of Scottish law, it would be foolish for me to draw any conclusions.  That I will leave to others.  However,  I fail to understand why this information has not received wider circulation than it has.


PS: Thanks to Subrosa, who I hope will forgive me for posting her information on this blog.

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  1. Nothing to forgive Howard. I've mentioned this several times, mainly because I wondered if anyone knew who paid for the house at Newton Mearns.

  2. Good. But, the point is why hasn't the media picked this up? Is it a game changer?

  3. I'm not sure Howard but I've always wondered why the MSM pedaled the 'get back to Libya to be with his family' line when his family (with the exception of his mother) were here.

  4. Exactly, I can't work it out either. Maybe they were so focused in having ago at the Scottish Executive and Brown, that they missed the details. Always a mistake.