27 August 2009

Will Brown resign?

Could this be true?  After the endless debate here and elsewhere, has the mystery now been solved on what will now happen to Our Dear Leader?

Returning to Britain I find our Prime Minister, in at least one deep and mysterious sense, still away. What, when it comes to the release of the Lockerbie bomber, are Gordon Brown’s mental processes? What did he think when — as must have been the case — Scottish proposals to release al-Megrahi were disclosed to him. What did he think of the decision to release the Libyan before the row erupted? What does he think now? I’m reminded of a remark made in what is still the most penetrating book about Margaret Thatcher, One of Us, by the late Hugo Young. Young describes one of her Cabinet ministers: “He had a mind not so much open, as permanently vulnerable to a succession of opposing certainties.”

Weird-sounding to say this, I realise, but I have the strongest of impressions that Mr Brown has already resigned. I’m not sure on what level I mean that — whether perhaps I just mean he is resigned; or that he has taken a mental step still to be followed up by action; or that an agreement has been reached but has yet to be disclosed. But of one thing I’m strangely sure: that in some way, and on some level, Mr Brown has gone.

Could Matthew Parris be right?  Has Brown finally realized the game is up?  Maybe there has been a deal struck over the summer.  There has been enough on this blog on what the Labour party should do.

Let the speculation commence.  Maybe we will get a clue.  Just keep an eye on John Rentoul’s little list.

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  1. I don't even dare to dream, frankly. I wonder how long the Conservatives would have suffered under Brown before the knives came out. About 5 minutes, probably...

  2. Excellent stuff.

    Have crossposted over at my place with added GOTisms ;-)

  3. brown presumably knows blair is in it up to his neck re iran/syria and the palestinians and their role in pan am 103.
    so he says nothing as blair needs to try to be the teflon kid till he dies. and blair can ruin brown quicker than cameron could ever imagine.

  4. You've beaten me to it this morning Howard! I've got a similar post in the oven. :)

  5. You need to get up early. I look forward to reding your thoughts

  6. That delusional fucker will never resign as long as he's got breath in his body. Even when he loses the next election (very badly I hope)he'll be speechifying about 'getting on with the job', 'doing what the people want', 'it's the right thing to do'. He'll only give up when he's dragged, kicking & screaming, out of No 10, still trying to hang on to passing doorframes, banisters etc by the blood stained tips of his snot coated, badly chewed fingernails. And please let him stay as Labour leader until the end - it's what we need to ensure that the Labour Party will sink without trace at the next election & will continue to plummet downwards even after that,