11 August 2009

The car is the least of Hazel’s problems


It seems that Hazel Blears’s car is not the only possession of hers that will get smashed in her constituency.  Her rocked solid 8000 majority is likely to tumble at the general election on back of the expenses scandal:

She has been hit by a bitter backlash in her hometown since it emerged she had not paid capital gains tax of £13,332 on the sale of two flats in London.

Since then she has embarked on a dogged street-by-street campaign to appease Salford's voters. But even her strongest supporters admit it has been an uphill struggle, while Labour chiefs fear she could lose the seat to the Liberal Democrats at the next election.

One former Cabinet colleague told The Independent: "There is some horrendous feedback from Salford. There is a real possibility that Hazel could fail to hold on."

The violence should be condemned, but this much overrated politician deserves what is coming if she does lose her seat.  At the end of the day democracy works.

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  1. At the end of the day democracy works.

    So does piano wire.