18 August 2009

Has anybody listened to Alan Johnson?

Mike Smithson is on the money when he describes Labour’s abject failure to score a hit over the Hannan-Tories-NHS affair:

The only leading Labour figure I’ve heard who has worked out what Labour needs to be doing is Alan Johnson.

“Cameron’s been very skilful at the way he has projected his own image onto his party. Now there is a feeling that, yes, you are a nice guy, but what is next?..

Cameron’s genuine, but he is leading the Conservative party. It is not a presidential system – much as we might have disguised it under Tony. This is a party system.”

Has anybody listened to Johnson? It seems not and the general election is getting closer by the day.

Mike, don’t worry that much.  People will start listening to Alan Johnson.  If the polls don't move it will be AJ4PM sooner than you and a lot of others think.

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  1. After Brown dragging the office of prime minister right down into the gutter, any gibbering imbacele will now believe they too have the tallent to run this country and the state Labour have left it in any brainless misguided fool may well be capable. For all we are now is a rusty old wreck on the slope leading to a 600 foot cliff looking down upon the rocks and swell below, just waiting for someone to release the hand brake and give us a shove to our final doom. Britania Rue The Wave.

  2. It won't matter who gets Browns gig, they are doomed and maybe even doomed forever - I hope!