13 August 2009

Alan Duncan has made too many errors

Oh dear.  Cameron has refused to sack Alan Duncan for saying that MPs are living "on rations".  Let us just remind ourselves of the previous errors this perfectly formed man has made:

1. In 1994 resigned as a PPS over a council house scandal;

2. Last year he went skiing in Davos when should have taking part in a tour of regional cities;

3. He appeared on ‘Have I Got News For You’ with his “death threat” joke about about Miss California; and

4. His claims for £4,000 in gardening expenses.

Hmmm.  Cameron has got this wrong.  Duncan should have been sacked.  This story has dominated the news cycle for over 24 hours when the media should be concentrating on other matters.

Cameron has made an error of judgement, which he can ill afford to do in the run up to the election.  As discussed, he has to hold on to that Ming vase.

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