26 August 2009

Prescott has found a new role

On Megrahi's release, John Prescott said this on Sky News:

No, I don't have any objections. If the man is dying, if compassion is part, as it is, of the Scottish administration and the medical authorities then get proof to that effect, then it's a decision for the legal authority.

"You know, Scotland has always had a great deal of independence of its legal authority, going back many years, so we have to respect that decision. And I do.

Not bad from The Old Bruiser.  Forget whether he is right or wrong.  Without realising it, has Prescott now become an elder statesman?

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  1. Oh, for fuck's sake man!

    Prescott is a cocktrumpet of the very highest order, still determined to somehow get his fat hands on public money.

    Elder statesman, my arse!

  2. Ever heard of the phase, tongue and cheek?

  3. No.

    But I have heard of tongue in cheek. :op