18 August 2009

It is this ‘lost generation’ that Brown should be concerned about

Imagine that day in the not too distant future when the economy returns to growth.  Brown will not be able to contain himself.  You can just hear him now banging on that he took the tough decisions to get the country through the recession etc, etc.

When the day does comes what will the 835,000 18-24-year-olds who are now Neet - not in education, employment or training – think and feel about the recession.  Will they believe the government has followed the right policies?  Will they believe that Brown has succeeded?  Will they believe that we as a society care about them?

When Brown returns at the end of the month perhaps he would like to turn his attention to this ‘lost generation’ with as much energy and vigour as he showed towards the banks nearly a year ago, rather than have a sterile debate with Cameron over the NHS.

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