28 August 2009

AJ4PM: Are Labour MPs up for the fight?

John Rentoul has replied to my earlier post and has clarified the issue I took up with him that next year is too late for Brown to be replaced.  I take the point, the Callaghan principle is important, especially to Gordon Brown.    He continues:

I agree with EDB that October would be better. By then, Johnson could promise an early election in six months' time, that is, in April. But I don't know if the Labour Party is up to it, and it may be that we will have to wait until the Callaghan principle weakens Brown's determination to cling on.

The point John raises, “But I don't know if the Labour Party is up to it” is fundamental.  As I said on Sunday in reply to his usual weekly article:

And yes, Labour may not have the stomach for the fight with so many MPs leaving at the next election.  However, these are excuses rather than reasons.  If Labour wants any chance of winning the election then change has to be made.

Brown may want a longer period in office, but that does not help the Labour party.  What does help the Labour party is to have a new leader.

Are the PLP up for the fight?  Over the next few weeks we will find out.

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