21 August 2009

Megrahi, Libya, Labour and the SNP

No, I will not join the hysteria over the release of Megrahi.  I have no knowledge or experience of Scottish law, but these two fine gentleman reflect my views on the matter.

Sir Menzies Campbell, a former Lib Dem leader, said:

Labour is clearly facing two ways on this issue: wanting to enhance relations with Libya but at the same time determined to criticise the SNP for an American audience.

Lord Owen, foreign secretary in the late 1970s when British intelligence learned that Libya was arming the IRA, said:

It is very hard to get at the truth and yet Lord Mandelson is seen with the Libyan president's son.  It is very clear that the British government are in this up to their neck.  I view all this noise as party politics in a rather crude way.  I am a humanitarian. Wherever you can you come down in the final analysis to looking at the individual.  Are they entitled to die at home or die in prison? If it is humanely possible you should allow them to die at home.

If the government are ‘up to their necks’ in it, the truth will out.  Enough said.

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  1. It's extremely offensive to Americans to let this Megrahi receive a hero's welcome in Libya. Obviously The Scottish authorities don't have any respect for the hundreds of victims killed on that ill-fated flight and all their long-suffering families. My heart goes out to these families who must be feeling their pain all over again. These Scots should be ashamed of themselves and their groveling to foreign governments with oil. Libyans should expect relations with the US to suffer tremendously from now on out.

  2. Sulin, don't you know Scotland has oil? We have no need to grovel to anyone.

    If Blair had not signed the PTA with Libya this whole matter would not have arisen and the appeal would have gone ahead as planned.