19 August 2009

Brown is “an engine-drone monotone”

It seems that covers of books can be rather deceptive.  Next month, Gordon Brown’s book Wartime Courage is published in paperback.  The cover quotes the words "carefully chronicled and swiftly told” from a review by Boyd Tonkin.

However, the review itself is rather more frank.  Mandrake explains:

He said Brown's tone "too often kills his tale," that it amounted to "an engine-drone monotone," and added his "mealy-mouthed avoidance of 'controversial' issues" actually "downgraded" the achievements of the men and women whose heroism in World War Two he had sought to celebrate.

How reviews of books reveal so much about the author.

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  1. Only to be expected from Brown, I suppose. Tim Walker is brilliant, he doesn't mince his words and he is normally absolutely correct. Anna Botting usually has metaphorical kittens every time he reviews the papers on Sky News because he's not PC enough - good for him!

  2. What does that cunt know about courage?