22 August 2009

Labour’s double whammy

After asking for some polls, ComRes comes to the rescue.  John Rentoul has the details:

Con 41% (-1) Lab 24% (-) LD 18% (-) Other16% (-)

So, Labour’s strategy of keeping Brown away from the media fails.

And there is more:

When voters were asked whether they agreed or disagreed that "The NHS would be safer under Labour than the Conservatives", only 39% agreed and 47% disagreed.

So, the not-serious-about-power element of the Tory party has made no difference to voters views on the NHS or dented the Tory lead.

So, what will it be?  If Labour is to avoid meltdown at the polls, there is no alternative.  The party has to do what it should have done in June.  It has no choice.  Labour have to make make the switch in favour of Alan Johnson.

How will the change be achieved?  We will return to this blogs pet subject shortly.

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1 comment:

  1. Now THAT is wonderful news! Brown won't be getting much sleep tonight, or perhaps I should say he'll be getting even less than usual!