26 August 2009

What was it? That name Brown used to be proud of.

Do you remember Prudence?  He used to be our Chancellor. Sadly, he became our Prime Minister and left Prudence behind.  For it is revealed today that Brown wasted £12bn by cutting VAT.

That is not all.  Labour’s perfectly oiled spin operation is not functioning that well:

5% of those polled were unaware that there had even been a cut in VAT.

Mandy will not be pleased with that finding.

If you spent any your hard earned cash on drink whist VAT has been cut, poor yourself a stiff one and read this.  Once you have recovered from what is really going in the economy, you should console yourself with this thought.  Brown will not be quoting from the article when he tells us all we have come out of recession and he has ‘saved the world’.

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