17 August 2009

Brown did indeed ‘save the world’

We love to mock the man.  We love to treat him with ridicule.  How we laugh at his YouTube broadcasts.  It is all going to have to stop.  Our Man in the Lake District has lead the world out of recession.  There is just one small problem.  Our damp islands are not amongst the countries leaving recession behind.

Japan has now joined Germany, France, Singapore and Hong Kong as countries that are leading the world back to growth.

How easier it must be solve other people’s problems rather than your own.  How easier it must be to spend all your waking hours jetting around the world.  How easier it must be to spend your time in the Lake District when the country is crying out for leadership at a time of war.

One day, sometime soon, maybe we will have a person that can lead this country rather than one that is kept hidden from the media in the hope that his party’s poll ratings will improve.

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