14 August 2009

So, Brown will have a narrative for the election

Sean O'Grady, the Indy’s economic editor, has a perceptive piece on why the France and Germany have come out of the recession before the UK.  He concludes:

Still, the British recovery is not far away, and may even be under way now, a few weeks behind the French and German revivals. By the time of the next election it too should be apparent, though "slow and protracted" as Mr King says. Even so, Mr Brown will have what Alastair Campbell used to term "a narrative", and a better one than many admit now. He will be right to say that he saved the banks, stabilised the economy, borrowed and spent when he needed to. He will be right in saying that the Tories opposed him.

However there is still the lingering feeling that, while he worked hard to get the nation out of its terrible mess, he also helped get us into it in the first place.

He is right and that is why Cameron needs to get a grip on his party.  This is not the time for any Hannan style ideological debates.  Now is the time to focus on the not so small matter of winning that election and for Cameron having a narrative that he can beat Brown with.  Nothing else should matter to the Tories at this stage of the electoral cycle.

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  1. I've said several times the tories just aren't taking the chances open to them. What is wrong with them?