14 August 2009

A week is a long time in politics

Mike Smithson could well be right.  Daniel Hannan may well have given Brown traction to mount a recovery.  Cameron, understandably, did not sound and look that happy this morning.  Then we have the Tory leader in the European Parliament saying that Hannan could well face disciplinary action from the Tory MEPs’ chief whip.

Perhaps the most revealing comment has come from Hannan himself when he told ConservativeHome that he has '”no desire to inflame this issue”.  An admission of the the unnecessary trouble he has caused Cameron if ever there was one.

We will know in due course whether Smithson is right when we get a a few polls.  Possibly the political weather may change.  Today certainly is the day when the silly season came to a premature end.

David Cameron has a few problems on his hands and he knows it.

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