16 August 2009

Bob Ainsworth has to go

Bob Ainsworth has just appeared on Marr’s substitute summer show where he was interviewed by Huw Edwards.  Ainsworth is a joke figure.  He doesn't have the intellect to put a coherent sentence together.  He came out with this jaw dropping phase:

If I'm not showing leadership, then that's a surprise to me.

Ainsworth suitability for office doesn't need any analysis.  His appointment was a panic measure after the resignation of John Hutton, and questions have to be asked about Brown’s judgement in the decision he made.

Ainsworth has no leadership skills whatsoever.  If anybody is going turn the public against government policy in Afghanistan, then Brown has chosen the right chap.

Brown has got to replace this guy.  No ifs, no buts.  Ainsworth has to go.  By replacing Ainsworth, Brown would be showing some much needed leadership and would be applauded for doing so.

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  1. Who would he replace him with? I remember reading something just after his appointment that Brown was forced into appointing him to appease the unions.

    I miss this, so will watch it on iPlayer.

  2. I would imagine that when Ainsworth farts it's probably a surprise to him!

  3. A cardboard cut out of a brick would have more intellect and sense of compassion than this complete ignoramus and the expenses claims would be considerably cheaper.

    Bob 'the knob' Ainsworth must go!