13 August 2009

Mandy should have kept to that low profile

The Great Man is not having a good week.  In his Today interview yesterday he said:

The Treasury estimates that there would have been at least, probably far in excess of, 500,000 jobs lost in the recession had it not been for the Government's and the Bank of England’s intervention.

However, the Treasury has said:

Taken together, the total policy support for the UK economy is expected to protect up to half a million jobs.

And Mandy did not stop there:

He also accused the Conservatives of opposing a range of Government policies including a loan guarantee scheme for companies, and rules allowing firms to defer some tax payments.

In fact, the Conservatives last year proposed both a £50 billion credit guarantee scheme and a six-month VAT holiday for small firms.

It is just pure spin and no substance from Mandy, who clearly does not brief himself well for the media spats.

What other wondrous gems of delight can we expect from the nation’s real prime minister in the remaining two days of his not so good week?

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