28 August 2009

Megrahi Shock horror: Brown handled it better than Gaddafi

What’s this!  Could there be a glimmer of hope for Brown in the latest poll that gauges voters reaction to Megrahi’s release.  This is the key finding:

Some 63 per cent thought that the Libyans had handled the affair badly, while 15 per cent approved of their actions.

And to the news that will have Labour MPs rocking in the aisles:

Mr Brown’s attempt to distance himself from the move, saying that it was a decision for the Scottish government, has not gone down well, with 56 per cent saying that has handled the matter badly, and 23 per cent thinking that he had done well.

Is this a case of the figures being misinterpreted?  Sadly it would seem so, according to Peter Riddell:

Mr Brown has appeared both ineffective and devious

Dam, the offer of a helping hand in an attempt to spin the figures Brown’s way has not worked and never will.

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