21 August 2009

Brown sends Cameron a holding reply to his letter

Our Dear Leader has received a letter from David Cameron regarding the release of Megrahi.  Paul Waugh has the details.

For some reason a copy of Brown’s initial reply has been sent to my in box

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your timely letter, which I have read with much interest.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to send you a more considered reply for some hours.  As you may know Lord Mandelson entered hospital this morning for an operation.  When he recovers from the general anaesthetic, and I can discuss with him the points you raise, I will be sending you a more considered reply.

I trust you will understand that without Lord Manselson’s advice and guidance, I haven't a clue what to do about the contents of your letter or any other matter that is brought to my attention today.

Yours sincerely


Gordon Brown

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