11 August 2009

Mandy and Osborne: A fight to the finish

So much for Mandy taking a low profile this week.  When it comes to George Osborne The Great Man can’t help himself as he responded to the call that the Tories are the progressive party now:

It's very amusing I think my old friend George Osborne is involved in a bit of political cross dressing here.

I don't think it's going not fool anyone at a time when the Conservatives, who have been saying despite the recession and all that's going on in the economy, they would take £5bn of public spending straight out of the economy now with the impact that would have on our health on our schools our police ... then to say they are the progressives in British politics - at one level it's laughable, but it's certainly an audacious try by George Osborne which I think will fool absolutely nobody.

Heaven knows where he gets the £5bn figure from.  The point here is Osborne wants the debate to be about policy, but with Mandy it is all about personality as he demonstrates here.  He conveniently falls into the trap that Osborne has set for him.

When a tired worn out party that has little to offer they will play the man and not the ball.  Mandy and Labour need to change their tune, otherwise they have lost the argument in the lead up the election before the fight to finish has begun.

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  1. The "cross dressing" is a rather poisonous (if amusing) comment, probably over the head of anyone outside the SW1 bubble.

  2. Indeed so. That is why Mandy has made a mistake in attacking Osborne as he did.

  3. Did you see the odious prat on television today trying to push the blame for the MG Rover fiasco onto the "Phoenix 4" now that the SFO have told him to bog off?

  4. I did. I have always noted that the report will not be published for another month and then on a Friday!

  5. Why does cross dressing only make sense to people in SW1. Are their rumours about people?
    This is not red rag.