19 August 2009

Lack of resources, shortage of equipment for our boys, but money for IED’s

Just what are we up to in Afghanistan?  Subrosa has a brilliant post on where our aid money is going.  To manufacture the IED’s!

Here is Dannatt, with just a week to go before his retirement, on the lack of resources and equipment in Afghanistan:

Improvised explosive devices (IED’s) are a major issue at the moment.  They are a major tactical battle that we have got to win and we need to roll out more equipment so that we have permanent 24/7 surveillance over the most difficult areas and so we can target the Taliban as they are laying these things.

However, the MOD has now admitted that it is suffering from staff shortages to protect troops from IED’s and that manpower is 40% below capacity:

There are mounting fears that limitations in British surveillance coverage in Afghanistan are contributing to the deaths of service personnel in Helmand province.

Some officers believe that the allocation of surveillance assets to the Panther’s Claw operation left British troops around Sangin at increased risk of IED attack.

In other words, there is now a direct link between the deaths in Afghanistan, the shortage of resources and equipment, not to mention where the funding for these IED’s is coming from.

Somebody, a one Mr Brown, has a few questions to answer.

Brace yourself for the end of the month when Dannatt can speak more freely.  It is about time we were told the truth about what has been going on.

The situation has become a farce!

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  1. A farce right enough Howard. Of course Brown is sitting in his Kirkcaldy bunker from which, I'm reliably informed, he hasn't moved all week.

  2. You should keep going with your take on this. You are onto something.