14 August 2009

Cameron needs to get a grip on his party

imageThe front page story in the Guardian is hardly the topic of the day.  Why the Tories have leaked this side second order issue to the press defers logic.  What Cameron needs to do is instil some much needed discipline into his party following his ill-judged decision not to sack Alan Duncan.

Moreover, the Tories can’t afford for loose canyon Daniel Hannan to stir matters up about the NHS or any other matter at this critical time.  MEP Hannan needs to be put back in his box and kept there.

Apart from George Osborne’s speech earlier this week the Tories have gone to sleep since Parliament went into recess.  They have huge open goals in front of them and Cameron and Co have been side tracked, firstly by Duncan’s silly remarks, and secondly by the transatlantic row to defend the NHS.  It will not worry Brown about interfering in the internal affairs of another country if he can create a dividing line with the Tories over this issue.

Cameron needs to get the toothpaste back in the tube in ultra quick time.  He should be concentrating on the economy, unemployment, why France and Germany have moved out of recession and the failed policy in Afghanistan.  Instead he is now forced on to the defensive due the ill-discipline within his own ranks.

Cameron needs to stamp his authority on his party and focus on the real issues facing the country.  His failure to do so will just allow Brown to regain the initiative and momentum in the lead up the crucial pre-conference period.  If this happens the polls will narrow, which will not be due to Brown being away, but because the Tories have made mistakes.  These the Tories must avoid at all costs if they are going to prove to the country that they the government in waiting.

Cameron will not ‘seal the deal with the electorate’ if his party is not totally united.

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