22 August 2009

Are the Royal Family banned from using trains?

This a Royal Family free blog, except when HMQ gets rather upset with her Prime Minister.  However, this story is just ridiculous.

The Princess Royal is refusing to attend the 70th anniversary reception of the Auxiliary Fire Service because the RAF could not find an aircraft to fly her to the event in London.

Brian Coleman, the chairman of the London Fire Brigade and Emergency Planning Authority, said:

The Princess Royal was obviously the main attraction and, without her, there would seem little point in going ahead with it.  If the Princess Royal is at Balmoral, I would be willing to pay for her easyJet flight to London myself.

What the problem with this stuck up Royal?  There is no excuse for this.  There is perfectly good train service that could bring this lazy taxpayer-funded-Royal to London.

These Royals of the second rank.  What purpose do they serve?

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  1. Before air travel, Queen Victoria had a single rail line built specially for her Balmoral visits, from Aberdeen to Ballater. It no longer functions but it's still there, overgrown of course. The station building is a tearoom, a rather grand tearoom.

    So Annie, get your hencemen to take you to Aberdeen and catch the train. Your great-granny did it so it's not impossible.

  2. Interesting. I never knew that. Still, I like a good tea.