13 August 2009

Renewal the Sarko way


How do you renew yourself in office?  It has always been one challenge too far for most political parties.  Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni are tossing any policy renewal aside.  Sarko will launch his re-election campaign with a baby planned to a arrive on a precise date:

The presidential couple are thought to have chosen to keep the 'pregnancy card' up their sleeve to ensure public sympathy ahead of the next presidential campaign in 2012. The rumour has been circulating for several weeks.

The pair were said to have come up with the new plan "some time ago" but became even more convinced that it was the right strategic choice since the "incredible public support" Mr Sarkozy received after falling ill and collapsing while jogging last month.

Just why has Brown decided to take such a long holiday?  The election doesn't need to be held to June you know.  He will have to come up with something after Mandy’s disastrous week!

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