22 August 2009

Brown loves being on holiday


Remember when Brown stated that he would be taking a “few days off” at his last press conference?  Well, Sarah and the boys are enjoying Gordon’s company so much that Our Dear Leader is to extend his holiday for a further week.

Mandrake has discovered that the Prime Minister will away until the 7th September.  Or will he?

This could, of course, mean he has a secret foreign trip planned. Or maybe Harriet Harman wants another go in the hot seat and a chance to tell the world's media more about her feminist views. Whatever the reason, one trusts the decision about extending the PM's absence was not made unilaterally.

Indeed so.  So what is Our Man in Scotland up to?  Who he is off to see?  Maybe he is waiting for some further polls?

Come back soon Gordon.  Life is becoming rather dull without you!

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