19 August 2009

Dave needs to do a little housework

Some small matters need attention in the House of Cameron before Brown launches his autumn onslaught.

The Times is reporting that one Lord McColl is a paid consultant to a new private healthcare company.  The Indy mops up yesterday’s news that Bromley council was considering plans to subsidise the fees of children attending private schools if their parents lose their jobs.

These little local difficulties, coupled with the more substantial self-inflicted errors by Duncan and Hannan, just give Brown more ammunition to fire off against Cameron when he finally returns at the end of month.  Then there is the other problem of Mandy’s fondness for having a go at George Osborne as discussed here.

Dave needs needs another reminder of what Roy Jenkins said when Blair was preparing for power:

Blair’s approach to the 1997 election as being like an elderly butler carrying a Ming vase across a slippery floor from one end of a room to the other.

It may be the silly season when stories get magnified out of all proportion to their significance, but Cameron needs to be rather careful as he navigates along the path to the election.

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