02 August 2009

Monday is going to be a most difficult day for this blogger

There have been complaints about this blog from some very powerful people within these increasingly damp islands.  I have been informed in the strongest terms that my persistent criticisms of one James Gordon Brown are not going down well.  It has been suggested that this blog is one of the main reasons for Brown’s appalling poll ratings.  I have no choice but to make amends for my ways and have reluctantly agreed to take part in Positive News Day tomorrow.


It will, of course, be impossible for me to comply with this request whilst Brown is still in charge.  Therefore, the best course of action for me is not to blog at all on Monday.  I appreciate that will will come as a big disappointment to readers everywhere, but there is no alternative.

There is chance, depending on events, that I may just forget that I have posted this and suffer the consequences as a result.

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  1. I have a feeling you won't be the only one with a quiet blog on Monday. Perhaps the challenge of an entire day of positive news is just too much and we should have made it one news item apiece instead. I can already see the tumbleweed blowing...

  2. 'tis a tough call GV. A few seem a tad depressed about it all.

    Maybe moaning about the evil cnuts is cathartic.

  3. It is not going to be at all easy, but I am going to try.......oh, dear.....