02 August 2009

Don't you just love Mandy

No, Harriet Harman and Mandy do not get on

During a recent "away day" in Cardiff a full session of the Cabinet was about to end without her plans to increase maternity leave from nine months to 12 having been discussed. The deputy Labour leader hoped to raise the matter – in which the views of Lord Mandelson, as Business Secretary, would be extremely important – at a meeting of the Cabinet's domestic affairs sub-committee, to be held straight after the main session, only for the peer to torpedo any such move.

"I am sorry," he told the assembled throng as he swept out of the room. "I have a train to catch." According to those present, Miss Harman's rage was incandescent. Her mood was not improved when she arrived at Cardiff station to find the peer taking the same train back to London as her and the rest of the Cabinet.

Good on his Lordship.  Anything that he can do to stop the dreadful Harman in her tracks is most welcome.

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