03 August 2009

Positive News Day: Falconer calls for change

After a steepness night worrying there wouldn't be any positive news, it hits you in all directions.

Lord Falconer, Blair's best mate, calls for Labour to change and says they must do so this side of the election.  Brown is not mentioned in the article, but we all know what he is driving at following his intervention at the time of the June elections:  Falconer concludes his morning outburst by saying:

If we don't listen and change, then we will lose the next election. We might lose it even if we do listen and change, but we will at least be in a position to keep the argument for progressive politics strong and alive, and influence the direction of British politics for the next generation.

Gordon must be in a foul mood as wakes up in the Lake District each morning to read that his party is falling apart.  If the news continues along these lines he may have to consider making a arrangements for an extended break in the autumn.  A most positive development.

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1 comment:

  1. Falconer's been on TV in Scotland in the past months saying all this. We must have been the pilot scheme for his views. :)