07 June 2009

Falconer: Brown should go

Lord Falconer, one time flat mate and close friend of Tony Blair, has called on Brown to go.  He said this on the Politics Show:

They need unity above all. Can we get unity under the current leadership? I don't think so.  The only way it can be achieved is a change of leader.

He said his criticism was based only on "the inability to hold the party together in the current circumstances".

He did not support any particular candidate as a replacement but favoured a leadership contest that would produce a figure around whom the party could unite. He said he also accepted that this would require a general election "earlier rather than later"

This is a significant intervention and can’t be dismissed as coming from the usual suspects.  Will this be the catalyst that will motivate other Cabinet ministers who have resigned or were sacked, but have not already done so, to now speak out?

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1 comment:

  1. I've just watched a clip of this on the BBC. Falconer is a Blairite through and through and also one who is seen to think himself above the great unwashed (well that's how the Scots see him).

    What he said was right though and he has excellent connections within the labour rank and file.