03 August 2009

Positive News Day: Rees-Mogg backs Mandy

For those of us that are a fully paid up members of the ‘No, it won’t be Mandy Society’, comes the most wonderful news that William Rees-Mogg, one time editor of The Times, has come out for Mandy.  How their Lordships stick together.  Rees-Mogg appears to be mesmerized by the man:

His capacity for changing politics is like that of a major entrepreneur revolutionising an industry. It is hard to think of a political performance equal to Lord Mandelson’s past 12 months. Many people go from hero to zero; Mandelson has gone from zero to hero. He appears to be the only Labour politician with the force of personality to change the bleak political weather.

Well, up to point your Lordship.  Mandy’s performance doesn't appear to be reflected in Labour’s poll ratings yet.  Anyway, the point here is that Rees-Mogg has sealed Mandy’s fate.  Whenever Rees-Mogg pronounces on something, the opposite will happen.  He has a track record of the most horrendous misjudgements.  This is the same man who backed Nixon to the end and the disastrous strike that closed The Times for a year, from which the paper has never recovered.

So, this is really positive news.  As Rees-Mogg has gone for Mandy, you can safely put a bet on that won’t happen.

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