03 August 2009

Positive News Day: Ainsworth will have to go


Rest assured.  Ainsworth will soon be walking the other way without the ministerial file.  He can’t last.  He has failed the Mandy test by being a public relations disaster.

The latest milestone along Ainsworth’s career development path concerns the the outburst of his PPS and former Black Watch soldier, one Eric Joyce.  His not-so-loyal aide has described the appeal over compensation awards for wounded soldiers as “profoundly wrong” and “politically bonkers”.

Mandy will concoct some story that will allow Ainsworth to depart the scene.  Cock-ups are one thing, collateral damage is another matter all together.

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  1. Howard, the 'breaking of ranks' by Eric Joyce was pre-planned by possibly Mandy himself. Eric Joyce is a party mouthpiece and he would never speak out without having his superior's approval.

    Could it be that he may get the job himself? After all, he has the background but only to major level.

    God forbid that he did get it, by all accounts he wasn't too well liked by his ex-colleagues.

  2. Hmm. You maybe right about this. I don't know much about Eric Joyce. Blog your thoughts and see what reaction you get.